Executive Committee

Since establishment, the trust has engaged in following activities:

  • Running hostel and guest house
  • Help to poor and needy students for fees, out state studies, books etc.
  • Blood donation camp
  • Distribution of stitching and amrodary machines to financially poor peoples
  • Medical help to poor peoples
  • computer and spoken English classes free for communication
  • Education loan to poor Student
  • During winter season , distribution of woolen clothes to poor
  • Awarding gold medal to meritorious student of the community in each discipline of education
  • Loan for House repairs to earth quake hit poor people
Name Position Phone
Shri Prasant V. Morey President 9876543210
Shri Pravin V. Morey Secretary 1234567890
Mrs. Ujjwala Pravin Morey Vice President
Shri Hemendra M. Khiratkar Member 9876523412
Mrs. Megha Hemendra Khiratkar Treasurer